Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trying something new

So, thanks to pinterest.com I'm addicted to pinning recipes.
Lately, with all this heat, I've been pinning popsicle recipes.
The other day I broke down & ordered a popsicle mold to make some
homemade summer treats.

I gotta say, my first batch...not too shabby!

I used two peaches (skinned), about 10 strawberries (cut up), a handful of coconut, water, sugar and a bit of lime juice.
I wasn't really following a recipe, but the one I used as a guide mentioned dissolving the sugar in the water BEFORE pouring into your mixture. Unfortunately, I read this AFTER I poured everything together *face palm*. So the one "issue" with these ice pops...too grainy from the sugar. But they tasted really yummy & refreshing.

Next up I want to try this kind: Cookie Dough, with almond milk. Sounds yummy!

The kidlet has been home with a cold for a few days...she enjoyed the ice pops today.

In other news...
Our dog Happy rarely gets let out in our front yard. We stick to letting her roam the backyard due to the fact that she's crazy and will try & murder any poor woodland creature that crosses her path. The backyard is totally fenced but the front yard has gates with gaps that she can slip out of. So, she's mostly in the back. But today we let her out to explore the front porch and it was pretty cute <3

As murderous as she is, I can't resist that face!!
Hope you all had a lovely day.


Jessa said...

Those fruit pops look delicious!! Why is it the sweetest faces end up being the most misleading?! haha

Love & Lollies... Jessa

Caked Vintage Blog

Diana Mieczan said...

I love fruity popsicles too and your little dog is so cool! Aww...happy Monday. xoxo