Sunday, December 27, 2009

and with that it's all over!

wow! Christmas went FAST!!!
It was such a great weekend! I loved every minute of it!

We had Christmas Day over at my brother & his fiance's house.

My Mom & Sean cooked up some amziiiiiiiing food!!

The kid & I both don't like Yams..but we LOVE the marshmallows on top :P

We opened a TON of gifts!!

The CUTEST gift card holder I've EVER seen!

The boy really liked his new Zune :)

My Parents got the kid a brand new bike...she was SO happy!
**Click the pic to make it big, the facial expressions are adorable**

However, 2 minutes after getting on the bike, this happened...

She's never had a bike with front breaks before...she almost went over the handle bars!
But we dabbed the blood and she got right back on!

:) Happy kid!

My Grandparents were able to come down this time...thanks to my awesome Aunt!

So we HAD to do a family photo!

Grandma & I checked the remote...

Then we got everyone together and took the picture:

Pretty good lookin' bunch, eh?

The day was filled with Family and Laughter and Great Food and much love!
I truly enjoyed it all!

I hope everyone's Holiday was just as good or even better!
I love you all!

Next stop...New Years Eve!!

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