Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Finally Christmas Eve!!

We had a lovely evening...

Skye & Her Grandma made Peanut Butter cookies

Aunt Connie is here...yea!!

She brought presents for everyone...even Happy! She
adores her new bunny...

Joshy was pretty stoked about the opeing one gift on Christmas Eve rule...


Kenia and I compared our brand spankin' new Nikon' fun!!

Skye's Great Grandparents are here too! Happy loves them as much as we do :)

Sean brought the weirdness...

But then he was cute :)

I ate waaaaaaaaaaay too many of these!

They are my favorites!!

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas Eve, and the very first one I have ever had @ home. So lovely to have (almost) everyone together. Tomorrow the boy comes and we get to ALL be together!! Yea!

Ok, it's Christmas Eve, it's been a long day and we must go to sleep now, so Santa can come!! Night Night Everyone!! xoxox


Bhoomika said...

Aww Cute Family !
Wishing you all the very best for this Holiday season and the upcoming year.

G said...

Your dog is so adorable! :-)

I'm just dropping by... Merry Christmas to you!