Monday, April 26, 2010

We have a winner!!

In celebration of exceeding my goal of 100 followers, I had a GIVEAWAY!

We put everyone's name in the giant Mad Hatter's Hat

Heather....YOU WON!!

Contact me with your mailing address and we will get the Motherload of cuteness
to you as fast as we can!

A special Thanks goes out to the lovely cupcake Miss Angie who was sweet enough to offer all that cute cupcakes stuff as part of the prize! xoxoxoxoxoxo
Thank you to everyone who participated and helped me spread the word!
And WELCOME to all my new followers! I will try VERY hard to keep you entertained!
Love Nikki


Girl with the Black Apron said...

Yay heather!
I am jealous. ha!
But happy for ya.
Cute Goodies!

Christine said...

Congrats to the winner!

Heather Taylor said...

Oh thank you! So sorry I didn't get to this sooner, I've been massively busy! I will send you my mailing address ASAP!

Heather Taylor said...

I can't seem to find your email address though, what it is again? If you email me at, I can email you back!