Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Homemade Valentines

So the kid stayed home sick (again, sigh) today.
When I got home from work we decided to make some
handmade Valentines. We haven't had the craft box(es) out in awhile!!

We raided my Mom's box of buttons that she's had since before I was born!!

We used rubber stamps, buttons, markers, paper and GLITTER!!!

Happy supervised

She was really disappointed that out of everything on the counter, none of it was edible!

The kid's first Valentine needed lots of tiny little hearts :)

It was a 3D Heart Tree! She thought of it and made it ...all by herself!
She amazes me every single day!!

Hearts on a String (mine)

Be Mine with Buttons (mine)

Raddest Valentine on the Planet!! (The Kid's)

Pink Birds (Mine)

2nd Raddest Valentine on the Planet!! (the Kid's)

My hand started hurting from trying to get the craft glue out of the bottle, so I got
lazy & used Elmers Glue. Then like an idiot, I lightly dusted my Valenitne with shimmer glitter. Well, the Elmers glue wasn't dry and the glitter stuck to it in all the wrong places and made my cute Valentine ugly :(

I tried to fix it by adding more glue & glitter (lolz) but I just made it worse (go figure).

But I think it is so cute, so I'm going to make it again :)
We had so much fun...

Look at them all together! Ooohhhhh, aaaahhhhhh :P

After we cleaned up we made dinner and watched Whip It...now we both wanna be Roller Derby Girls!! Yeah!!!


Girl with the Black Apron said...

Cute Cute Cute!
Now I want a valentine. :-)

Unknown said...

ohhh so so cute!!!!

*angie cupcake* said...

Aww so cute! Now I really want to make my own Valentine's. =)