Friday, November 20, 2009

If you set the microwave to 3:00 min. instead of 30 seconds...

...this is what happens.

I set the microwave and walked away, assuming it would turn off after 30 seconds.
Then I hear the kid screaming, "There is something smoking in the microwave and I think it's going to catch on fire!!!".
I ran to the kitchen and saw an INSANE amount of smoke billowing out of the microwave! Insane!!
When I opened the microwave door it was crazy white, toxic smelling smoke...and it went everywhere! Our entire house is gonna smell like smoke for awhile!!

so, yeah...not only did I make everything & everyone smell smokey this morning, I also didn't get to eat my chocolate pop tart :(

Don't you just love exciting morning funtimes!?!? :P


Pixel Wild Child said...

Oh no...that's scary! I live without microwave and I don't really miss it, except when it comes to de-frosting food ;O)
Have a lovely Sunday!

olivia said...

I had something on the bottom of my oven once and I turned it on to heat up and smoke. The smell is just aweful. I would never have guess that could happen in the micro.