Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fairy Lights = Fun!

The boy & I celebrated our 9 month anniversary yesterday
We met on eHarmony and I never expected him to be as AWESOME as he is.
I think I'll keep him <3

I decided I wanted to have some fun with fairy lights last night and the boy and the kid humored me...the pics didn't come out all that great, but I'll take some more again soon.

also...glow in the dark ears!! hee hee


During Winter said...
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During Winter said...

Haha! Those pics are so fun! Happy 9th anniversary!

CupcakeSniper said...

Awww!! i LOVE christmas lights!! I just bought my first set with my hunny tonight!
you guys look like you had fun!

*angie cupcake* said...

I wish my man was more willing to take pics. He's so difficult. haha