Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Watch Repair Shop

My Granddad used to be a watch repairman.
He has this really cool little shop out back and it's got
desks & tools & a ton of really cool stuff in it.
I took these pics last fall, before the new camera purchase,
but I think you can still see just how awesome everything is.
(click the images to see them bigger)

This is my Granddad...he's 83!
Handsome fella isn't he?
He no longer works on watches, but I do love to look at all those things!


Unknown said...

amazing workshop and amazing job! did you know how to repair clocks? sounds really interesting! :-D

O. said...

That labor rate sign is too funny.

josh healy said...

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A Bird Out of Water said...

great pics! i especially love the shot of the glasses! :)

Tanya Elaine said...

I wanna use that labor rate guide for my freelance graphic design business! ;-) Awesome photos. I love hobbies like this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nikki..Love the way you did the pictures. You are awesome at what you do with your pictures!!!Yep,he is a awesome Dad and Granddad. Love him.. Connie