Monday, August 16, 2010

School Starts Tomorrow!

Summer is over...this is it.
The kid starts School tomorrow!
4th grade...whoa!!

Last night, due to a mixture of a late night
(and super delicious) coffee and
not being able to turn my brain off,
I got a whopping 2.5 hours of sleep. started early and was quite full!
My day "off" today went like this...
9:00 AM Met with Skye's new teacher & checked out her classroom,
10:00 AM Picked up some last minute school supplies,
Breakfast with Mom,
11:00 AM Home to do some graphic design,
1:00 PM took a 20 minute nap (so awesome)
1:30 PM Back out to take the kid to the dentist,
3:00 PM Then to swim practice,
6:00 PM then to the grocery store,
7:00 PM Got all the school supplies ready for tomorrow (I do love that new school supply smell)
Finishing my third load of laundry right now...
Going to have dinner and a bit.
And all on 2.5 hours of sleep last night.
Not too shabby eh?

I really want to stay up & watch True Blood.
The question is, will I make it?
We shall see!

One Tired Cookie

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skudfisher said...

Crazy! I have imagined you just kind of collapsing into a heap on the floor and snoring immediately after posting this... I got a whopping THREE hours of sleep last night and I am so braindead right now I can't even imagine how you must feel...