Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things That I Love...Tuesdays!

Back to my roots and the total adoration for all things cupcake!!

I made a freebie for you lovies...Cupcake Twitter background!

Well, thats all the cupcake love for now.
Happy Tuesday Lovies!


Unknown said...

ahh everything's too cute and delicious looking! I need a cupcake fix!

Anonymous said...

what a delicious assortment of cutie cupcakes!! LOVE!

thanks so much for including our cupcake print :)


Bhoomika said...

Cute pics! Only thing missing was a picture of my cupcakes :-)

Cathe (Feterie) said...

Cupcakes! Adorable! I love the owl cupcake!

diane said...

that cupcake trailer is a dream on wheels.

love it!

Brittany said...

I absolutely LOVE the owl cupcake. I think I'm going to have them for my next birthday. haha:)

Emily said...

I love cupcakes, I need a cupcake....to bad I can't have one :(...oh well free cupcake backgrounds will do!! Thanks for the download!

Unknown said...

i really loove cupcakes too!!! wish i know how to cook them! besides, lucky i don't know because i'll get super fat!! lol!

QuiteQuaint said...

i love cupcakes too, dont we all?
you'd be mad not too, they look so cute you almost dont want to eat them, but they taste so good that you have to!
lovely blog by the way x