Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Lovies!

Crazy how fast 2011 went by, no? 

A few highlights I remember... In no particular order:

My kid grew, like a whole foot. She's just shy of being my height...and she's only 11! Several of my close friends had babies. Dyed my hair dark. Introduced my fella to Threadless. Went on a cruise. Met my first Threadless blogger in real life. My Dad turned 60! Had a health scare with our doggie, but she's fine now. Yea! Started my Social Media business, and actually have REAL clients. Experienced the Food Truck Phenomenon for the first time. The mister & I introduced our children to each other (giant step in our relationship). Became addicted to instagram. My car passed 100,000 miles. The kid started 5th grade! Experienced The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure. Made homemade marshmallows. Went roller skating. Celebrated one whole year of dating the sweetest fella this girl could ever ask for. Had my 38th birthday. Whoa.

It was a very busy, sometimes stressful year for me.
I didn't spend as much time doing things that I love and I have really started to miss them.
So for 2012 I have a super cliched list of resolutions.

To Do List - 2012: 
1. Eat Cleaner - I know I know, everyone's doin' it. But for reals, I HAVE to!
2. Workout - see #1.
3. Get a physical/see dermatologist - I am WAY over due!
4. 366 Photo project - Haven't done one in a couple of years, it's time.
6. Blog more - at least once a week. I miss my blog.
7. Fashion it up - as in buy a few things that are actually in style. I have nothing right now, ha!
8. Save money - seriously, I'm's time!

I wish you all a happy and safe New Years Eve.
I'll be at home, with my darling girl...probably asleep by 10:30, ha!
See you all next year!!!

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