Thursday, May 12, 2011

(Very Late) Easter Funtimes Post

So...I know I know, Easter was forever ago!
But I wanted to share some pics I took with all you lovely readers!
Better late than never, right?

So, a while back I found THIS delightful post, and knew I had to make them!

I blew the yokes out of a few eggs....almost fainted! That's a hard job!

I washed them all in some bleach water & let them dry overnight.
The next day I colored them...that was the fun part!

Once they were colored I let them sit for just a little while & then stuffed them with glitter & bird seed.
**I didn't realize, but this is why my eggs didn't actually explode. They needed to dry overnight one more time. Oh well, I know for next time.

 I put stickers over the holes, and then turned my daughter & her friend loose with them.
Then the real fun began!
**You should really REALLY click these to view larger, trust me!

 hahaha, I love the evil faces!!
They had so much fun. Next time I'll be sure to get those eggs nice & dry!

And last but not least...
here is a shot of the really rather lovely, slightly sparkly eggs the girls made for themselves.

Pretty right?
I hope everyone's Easter was lovely!

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