Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things that I love...Tuesdays!

Today's love is all about being foxy ;)

lovely and foxy

Sleeping Foxes

Cute Fox

Fox Kissest

Fox Glove

sleepy fox

Cockerel and Fox

Fox and Bird

Foxy Hip Hop

I could do this all day! I LOVE foxes!!
Stay Foxy Lovies!
and Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

they are all so beautiful!

Catherine Ivins said...

What a great collection of foxy finds! Thank you for including me on your beautiful blog!

xo- Cat :)

Megan V said...

Ha!! I never realized how cute foxes are until this post :) I underestimated them all along!

aubrey said...

Aw I want a fox now!

Unknown said...

Can't say I love foxes all that much but this post has helped to change my mind a bit :) Such pretty stuff!

Katie said...

So cute! I recently learned how to make the cutest origami foxes. I'm going to be folding them all afternoon, now!

thea said...

such a yummy selection of great foxy numbers!!



A Bird Out of Water said...

Dare I say foxes are the new owls??

Owls will always take up a big space in my heart, but this post has definitely warmed me up to foxes big time! Love it!