Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Things that I Love...Tuesday!

This weeks things that I love... Images with bits of red <3!

I found SO many gorgeous photos from ellende.no-ip.org

All the photos that Elena Kalis posts on her flickr page make my heart sing!

I saw this gorgeous photo on alexis mire's photostream and fell instantly in love!

I fell in love with this awhile ago, I think it's stunning! By the awesome and amazing torpore on flickr!

Kingdom (2009) - By Ray Caesar

My friend Denise, who lives in Australia and is a surfer chic takes the COOLEST Polaroids! These two remind me that summer is coming :)See her entire collection on flickr.

My other Australian friend is an amazing illustrator. I totally love the staches on these monkeys!
See some super rad stuff on his website www.leonryan.com/

When I look at this I cannot stop smiling! <3!
You can see more awesome stuff by Aman here!
or check out his entire portfolio here.

My treat of the week...Strawberries! I have eaten like a billion of them, but all in secret, because my daughter is allergic to them and she loves them. So I can never let her see me eating them..ha!
Photo Credit

and also, totally unrelated to this post, I am waiting for someone to give me one of these!! so cute!
Enjoy your Tuesday Lovies!


*angie cupcake* said...

omg you have such great tastes! I LOVE the cotton candy picture! And the picture of the girl with the red splatter on her dress. Ahh I love it all! Your blog is my favorite. <3

Unknown said...

oh my what a lovely post. Loving the colour red especially when it's combined with turquoise.

christa Baca said...

Hey there! Cute blog! Glad you like the card!

Nicole Ioma said...

such pretty pictures!! that card at the end is ADORABLE, I want one too =)

Katie said...

Loooove those red legs coming out of the bathtub!

Unknown said...

i think that bathroom image is my absolute fave!

Meaghan @ Urban Farm Designs said...

Beautiful images! That was awesome!

Meaghan @ Urban Farm Designs