Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things that I love Tuesday

Hey lovely blog readers that I love...

I have decided to start a weekly feature for my blog.
I will be on Tuesdays and will feature awesome things
that are making me happy for the week.
Sounds fun, right?

The kid and I are currently on Spring Break and loving
every single awesome minute of it.
So for this week MANY things are making me happy!!

Sleeping in is HIGH on the list!
Waking whenever I want (sans alarm clock) AND having as many leisurely cups
of coffee as my little heart desires...so good!
Photo Credit

Got my piggies painted for the first time in forevah!
I love when my toes are done, makes me feel all girlie and stuff <3

The kid has been saving her birthday money and finally decided to purchase an iTouch with all
that moolah!
We bought it today and both of us are already IN LOVE with it!
So fun!! Scoops is the best game ever!!
If you don't have it...get it!! haha!

My new favorite etsy shop is the awesome Oh Hi Shop!
I seriously want to buy this SO bad!!

Thursday we head up to Orlando to spend some super funtimes
with my best friend/sister. I can hardly contain my excitement!

It rained all day today and canceled our beach plans, but it's all
good....we're on Spring Break!! Yea!!
I am having SO much fun :)

I also wanted to let you kids know, I am going to be switching the name of my blog
at the end of next month. I hope you will all re-follow me over at the new domain when it's ready :)
I'll let you know when it's a go. Hello Sweetcheeks!

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!


*angie cupcake* said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your Spring Break!

Toni said...

Oh great idea! And I am with you on painted toes, I just painted mine after a good 5 months of neglecting them... oops :)

dognbird said...

I like this happy feature. Tuesdays just got cooler!

PaperFlora2 said...

wait a minute...I missed National Ice Cream Day???
Dang, that's what I get.

thanks for the post on my blog

Natalie www.paperflora2.blogspot.com

grrfeisty said...

haha! how cute is "hello sweetcheeks"! it's almost midnight but that cup of joe looks AMAZING.