Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a productive start to the week.

So it's Day Two of my six day work week and
I'm feeling pretty accomplished!
I got almost all caught up on my Indie Biz 2.0 lessons. yea!
I still need to make an inspiration board, but these things take time!
Maybe I'll get that done this week, maybe not.
I'm not totally worried about it,
I surround myself with inspirational stuff
everyday and I honestly feel like an inspiration board
should be built over time and not thrown together in one day. But what the hell do I know....?
Thats why I'm taking the class....to learn things and stuff :D

I am so ready to dive in head first and I have ideas flying outta
my brain, but my time is limited, real job gets in the way! ha!
But, I am making the most of any free time I might have.

I started several projects tonight

and I finished up a custom Save The Date for my
lovely baking friend Angie!
She asked me to make them for her and I had so much fun doin it!

Inspired by these awesome Save The Dates: clicky clicky

Thats all for now, night night sweeties!
I hope you all dream of marshmallows!


Claire said...

oh my god, i LOVE these!!!! def going to have to remember these down the line!

Christine said...


{eleise} said...

oh my goodness...that save the date is way too cute! i wish i would have done something fun like that!

Abigail Leigh said...

Oh my, those are super cute. What a great job.

Lost In Reverie said...

those cupcake save the dates are so adorable!!!