Monday, January 4, 2010

Trying to have fun AND stay warm!

After all that ice skating we needed to warm up.
Luke made his famous delish chili and got a fire going for us.
Then we dined & ate smores by the fire...t'was AWESOME!

Luke & Heather are the hostesses with the mostesses

Frozen smiles

The dogs were intrigued by those strange puffy white things...

Cliff likes his well done ;)

I like mine all melted and unburnt...nomz!

Skye likes to toast her graham crackers too!

I think she just liked putting things in the fire!!

I shared mine with the dogs...they love me :)

we all smelled smoky when we went to bed that night :)

The next morning we had to leave, but the kid and the dogs got in a bit of snuggle time before we went...

The long weekend is over...*sigh*


Claire said...

mmm I love smores, so jealous!

*angie cupcake* said...

I've been craving s'mores like crazy for a couple months now. I need to indulge!