Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The other night

...we went to the light show @ the stadium. I had large expectations, I thought it was gonna be cool. wasn't. Pretty lame actually.

And the weather was FREEZING!!
But we had a good time just all being together :)
Family Funtimes, yea!!

FYI: In our family, if you make the "pouty face"...

you WILL get tickled!

It was cold! we froze our hiney's right off!
Skye dressed pretty well tho....cozy & warm!

My Mom & Me <3

The free face painting was a HUGE hit!!

My brother Sean, his fiance Kenia & her son Joshua :) They
are just the cutest little family me thinks!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Holy wow!! It's here it's here!

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