Wednesday, December 30, 2009

alone isn't always bad...

so, as some of you may know, my parents took my kid to the Dominican Republic on Monday...without me!
It's the first time she's ever left on a large trip like that without me...Monday was super hard and I was worried sick about her all day. Yes, I'm that crazy Mother :P
anyways...once they landed on Monday I started to feel better and by today I am totally enjoying a little "me" time. I forgot how nice it is to have the house to yourself. I've been cleaning and doing some chores I have been meaning to get to for forever, but I also took a little time for me.
Listening to music that wasn't Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers and reading all my new art books has been pretty divine.
Tonight I will finish up my chores and kick back and watch a movie...and it wont be a kid movie!!!
It's my last night of freedom, I gotta enjoy ;)


lobstersandwich said...

Me time is great and important. And a good chick flick can't help but be a cure all. Enjoy! and have a great 2010

garciagirl82 said...

Heck yeah! Enjoy your time alone!