Saturday, June 27, 2009



Today I experimented with Fondant, for the very first time.
It was an enlightening experience!!

A few things I've learned:
1. Ready made fondant smells terrible & tastes even worse. No amount of vanilla extract would make it better.
2. Fondant has an awesome consistency!
3. When lightly sugaring your surface to roll the fondant out, make sure you don't go overboard on the sugar! I had white sugar all over my dark pink fondant! Thankfully it brushes off pretty easily.
4. Fondant using is HARD!! I have the up most respect for people who do this for a living!! I had an image in my head, but dang! you have to be patient!
5. DO NOT put water on the surface of your never dries! I was not fully prepared and didn't have royal icing to attach my little heart & flowers, so I used water....and it left shiny marks :(

All in all it was fun, and I will do it again.
Next time I will makes sure I have all the necessary tools before I start. And I want to make my fondant from it tastes better :)

The finished product!


now I can't wait to do my Threadcakes thing!! weeeeee!!


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