Friday, January 17, 2014

One Thing I've Realized I Will Never Master

There are a few things in life I've come to accept, that are things I will never do right. Over easy eggs are one of those things.

I love eggs. I eat them all the time. Breakfast or lunch or dinner...sometimes two meals in one day! My favorite type of eggs are over medium, not super runny, but just a little, to get the toast extra yummy. Now for years, I'd been able to to make them easy-peasy. Perfect centers, just the right amount of crispy on the very edges. It was great.

However, about 2 years ago, we realized the grossness of cooking on Teflon covered pans and switched to all stainless steel cookware. These pans are THE BOMB! So nice, you can pretend like you're a real chef when you use them! I can cook pretty much anything in them, even saute like a boss. But over easy eggs? NOT A CHANCE!

This is basically how it goes down...
I "non-stick" the pan with either butter or olive oil. Either way it doesn't me, I know!
I get my eggs in there real nice, but then....they all combine together in one big egg patty.  So, I use my spatula to separate them. That looks like this:

They are already too stuck down to even figure out what to do at this point. Again, I use the spatula to scrape them gingerly off the bottom, to hopefully not break the yolk when I go to flip them.
But, alas, when I flip them they break. Every. Single. Time. That looks like this:

And of course, because they are totally stuck I end up with a pan that looks like this:
Ain't nobody got time for pans that look like that! Right!?!? I've tried EVERYTHING! Oil, butter, keep the temp low, keep the temp at medium, keep the temp higher, watch them closely....none of it matters! The outcome is ALWAYS the same. I refuse to switch back to Teflon, so it's OK...I've come to terms with it. I'll order over-easy eggs when I go out to breakfast. At home we'll all eat broken scraggily almost medium fried eggs.


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Diana Mieczan said...

I love them too and I could eat them all the time. We usually eat poached eggs:) xoxo

Unknown said...

I love your blog

tina bumblebee said...

Have you tried ceramic pans? Or a different material than stainless steel that doesn't use teflon?