Monday, June 17, 2013

Indecision is annoying

I need help, and maybe you lovely readers can offer some advice.
I have had this blog for several years now. I used to be very good at blogging on a regular basis, but over the last two years it's really fallen off.
Mostly due to my crazy busy schedule. I miss it a lot and am proud to look back at all my posts.

However, at the beginning of this year, I started a new business brand. Get Social Co.
Get Social a social media firm for small businesses. I want to build up the blog over there too.
At first I was thinking I should use the Get Social Blog just for social media related posts. Then I would keep this blog for all my personal endeavors.
But it's tough keeping up two blogs! I have a hard enough time just with one!

So my question you think it would be unprofessional to use my Get Social Co blog for everything?
Or should I keep my personal life out of my professional life?

Any thoughts would be REALLY appreciated.



Mallory said...

It IS hard to keep up with more than one blog, I know from experience!

I think you have to think about your customer for Get Social, and who that will be and if THEY would be cool with seeing a more personal side in addition to social media industry advice and inside tips. Some brands can do a great job of mixing personality and being playful in their blogs / social media, and some need to play it more straight-laced. One brand that is really silly in their social & branding that I'm smitten with lately is Blackmilk Clothing. I recently made my first order after following them online for forever, and their order confirmation emails and packing sheets are ridiculous and awesome. But I think they can get away with it because the nature of their products sort of entice the type of customer who is cool with a silly/weird/quirky message. You know?

Jana said...

I like mixing business with personal. Two people who do it well are A Beautiful Mess and Lisa Leonard :)

RICE said...

I would recommend keeping your personal life separated from your professional life.