Monday, January 23, 2012

My first attempt at bread making

Hello Lovies.
I had a great weekend and wanted to share one of the best parts about said weekend with all of you.
I actually made a recipe I pinned on Shocking, I know.
I've been curious about bread making for awhile now, but I had never
tried it. I always imagined it to be a daunting task. Through pinterest I found THIS awesome recipe. As soon as I saw the words "No Kneading, No Fussing, No Kidding" I knew this was the recipe for me!

(**There will be lots of pictures from here on out...)

I bought all of the ingredients...there were only 3!

I mixed up the dough, it took all of 1 minute.

 I let it rise in the fridge for the night...look how big it got!

The next morning I pulled enough out of the bowl to make my very first loaf of bread. I let it rise at room temp. for 30 minutes before baking.

After baking, this...

...looked like this!

Now at this point in the recipe it says to let the bread stand for a while and cool.
But you have to take into account that the house smells super yummy right now and my family was wolves! So we HAD to try it, while it was still warm! It was that perfect bread that's crispy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside!! So. Good.

That first loaf was minutes!
Later that day I baked three more loaves. Once the dough is ready, it's so easy just to pop more in the oven.

I wrapped one up & took it to my fella, he was a happy boy  <3

The rest we kept home to enjoy for the next day or so. The recipe says to leave the bread out unwrapped. My Mom didn't know this, and she stored the last two loaves in a ziploc overnight. When I took them out of the plastic bag, the crust had gone soft. The bread still tasted good, but wasn't quite as nice without it's crispy crust. So if you decide to try this recipe, make sure to store it out of a bag.
 This recipe was SO easy. I am excited about bread making and looking to find other recipes to try! If you know any great ones, please share them.



Mallory said...

I'm not much of a baker (or cook really!) but my boyfriend sometimes gets on break-making kicks. It's been awhile though - maybe I need to give him some inspiration to bake some homemade bread!

Nicole Underwood Gonzalez said...

Oh you really should. It was SO delicious!! It doesn't even need butter or jam...just eat it plain!

crown flora studio said...

this looks and sounds wonderful! I am looking forward to seeing more.

rooth said...

Wow - that looks so YARM (and easy)!

splendeurcaisse said...

Looks delish!

Trisha said...

I love making my own bread. it tastes so much better :D

Gloria said...

I LOVE freshly baked bread, but it always seemed way too hard to make myself. This recipe looks like it might be doable :-) Thanks for sharing!

Jocelyn said...

Wow! Your bread came out great! I tried making bread before... it came out like nasty crackers... my dad ate it all though lol >.< I should try again!

sophistimom said...

Great job. That bread looks gorgeous.

Rainbow Gatherer said...

seems yummy :P I'll be happy if you check out my blog too:) see ya =)