Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Speech Bubble Chalkboards!

I'm SO excited!!
I posted on facebook a few weeks ago about wanting one of those
chalkboard speech bubbles I have been seeing everywhere.
The place I was going to order from was sold out & I was a tad disappointed. friend Mark told me to not buy one,
he could totally make me one!
I was like "NO WAY! Really?"
And he was like, "um yeah...they're not that hard, duh!"
And then I was like, "ok...make me one punkass!"
And so he did :D

Actually he made me two!
He sent me pics documenting the progress...

How cool is that!??!
He did a fine job! I love them very much!

They have cool little knobs on the back for holding too!
I'm gonna use these babies a lot!!
Want some for yourself? He can make you some too!
Contact him via
and tell him HelloSweetcheeks sent ya!


ceigej said...

These are awesome!

PrettyPeacockPaperie said...

WOW I love this idea! Too cute I will pass this on!