Monday, January 24, 2011

Chocolate on the brain!

I am having some serious chocolate cravings this week!
I want it everyday!!
I was talking to my mister last night & he described the most perfect sounding chocolate cake ever!
Chocolate cake, with chocolate mousse filling, lots of chocolate icing (with chocolate chips) and chocolate shavings on top!!
I want it NOW!!!!

Oh man, I can't take it!
*goes to buy bucket loads of chocolate*


Angel Estes said...

You are *killing* me with all this chocolate-speak!! Have mercy on a girl on a diet, wouldya??? <3

Annie @ Wattlebird said...

Now I am too! Especially that first cake...

Jess said...

oh yum! I will take both of those cakes!!!!

Deanna said...

That first cake looks incredible!! My mom tried this new chocolate cake recipe the other day. My family devoured that cake in one day. It was ridiculous. I think I might ask her it make it again now that my chocolate craving has come back thanks to you! Haha.

<3 Deanna