Friday, July 30, 2010

Things That I love...Popsicles!

It's so hot....all I wanna do is sit in the shade stay in the A/C and eat Popsicles all day!!
You know what I mean?

Somebody take me here!! Please!!

People that live in New York are SO lucky!



OMG!! Delish!!












Even my Dog Happy & I shared a popsicle yesterday :)

I hope this post helps you all stay cool!
Imma go eat like 3000 popsicles now, k?


Unknown said...

love this post! i could seriously sit around eating freezerfuls of popsicles in the summer! sadly we have none now, but i want some! :(

Unknown said...


Karyna @ PaperSquid said...

Can I just tell those popsicles look amazing. Oh and the ninja turtle one just took me back to being little (I loved the pink panther version of those.)

And yep, it is time for this heat and humidity to go far far away.

Unknown said...

oh yummy yum yum! I want one now! the hello kitty one is my fave!

Ashley said...

yummy and soooo pretty! that hello kitty one... cute!

Kristi said...

I love popsicles and all of these look so yummy...I think today it will get to be around 112 degrees...I need to eat a lot of these to stay cool!

Han said...

hehe if you get those little mold things you can make your own :D We used to use fruit juice or something like that rather than just water (they were a little boring lol)

suzy said...

oh my word. 1. i have never even HEARD OF a popsicle bar in my life, but they look AMAZING.
2. i need to go home and make popsicles.

Emily said...

I love me some popsicles. I would love one right now considering it is 100 degrees out!!

Jess said...

YES! I used to love ninja turtle popsicles!!!!

Nicole Ioma said...

these are all so pretty!! I want to make some popsicles now =) I really like the one with the whole fruit!!

yourstrulydear said...

Popbar!?! omg i am so jealous! i love popsicles. i usually get those sherbert push-up pops from walmart too because they are cheap and delish.

and flowers pick themselves said...

fantastic post! i kind of want to try them all.


xo Alison

skudfisher said...

My tummy has been grumbling at work all morning. This post is NOT HELPING! Everything looks so yummy...

O. said...

I could eat each and everyone of them

claire said...

so pretty!