Thursday, July 22, 2010

Artist Spotlight

This Spotlight is on Awesomely Talented
a.k.a. Andrew Bargeron

I have admired Andrew's work for years over at, but never actually chatted
with him until the other day.
I saw a post of his regarding an Art Show in Florida that he had some pieces in. I got really excited that there just might be another Threadlesser in Florida and just had to IM him.
Well he no longer lives in Florida but he is a super cool dude and was
nice enough to answer a few questions for me, so check out his interview!

1. Tell me a little about yourself.

I was born in a small town in Florida, but I'm not really from there.
My family moved to Italy and then Holland in the 70s and 80s. In '85
we moved to Southern California. I moved Nashville, after 20 years in
CA to marry my wife. I've been here ever since. We have no kids
(yet?) but we do have pets. We have a noble and friendly dog named
Rocket; he's a mix of Australian Shepherd and Catahoula leopard dog.
We rescued a cat and her litter of kittens a while back. We named her
Josie, tamed her kittens and gave them to loving homes. Josie is the
most perfect cat I've ever met. I'm a dog person, but she's really the
greatest cat ever.

2. How did you get into illustration?

It's a cliche really. "Ever since before i could remember" I've been drawing. But the year I started illustrating professionally was 1996. That's when we finally got the internet in our home. I was really into Ska at the time and noticed that bands were asking for artwork for shirts and cds. So i got myself a Geocities page and set up shop. My first gig was for My Man Friday, followed by a few other local bands that no longer exist.

3. What illustrations are you most proud of that you have done?

I like any of my illustrations that seem like I had very little to do with them. Meaning, that my weaknesses in illustration are overpowered by my strengths. If the illustration has that balance. then I'm very happy with it.
These are all illustrations/designs that meet that criteria.

4. Do you have a favorite time of day or certain ritual
(music, TV, tea, etc) that you work the best with?

I used to do all of my work in the late hours of the night, but since I've been married, my bedtime is usually my wife's bedtime. So i really prefer to start working as late into the afternoon as possible. I listen to a variety of music, nothing in particular that I MUST hear in order to work well, however, if you want a list, here's a short one: Gorillaz, Blur, the Good the Bad & the queen, Peter Parker, Big Audio Dynamite, Fight like Apes & my own crappy band STATION!

5. Who is your favorite illustrator?

Jamie Hewlett. Philip Bond. Rufus Dayglo. Ashley Wood. basically all of Team Tank Girl. the best art in the biz.

6. Anything else you would like the masses to know about your art?

I'd like the masses to buy my product, or support my art in whatever way they can. I really try to not hop on trends, to not do "what's cool right now" simply because that's what the internet says is cool. So I'd like to really be considered, for what i do. Without the video game cliches and pop culture this'n'that. Like my art, and maybe buy a souvenir if they are available.

7. 10 random things about GIMETZCO

I have nimble toes, monkey feet. I can pick things up with them easy. I do voices/accents rather well. I know karate. I love smashing stuff with sledge hammers or chopping wood. I have 3 nipples, just like the man with the Golden Gun. I fancy the Smurfs (but only pre-saturday morning cartoon versions) I'm very much into genre cinema and grindhouse/drive in style films. NOT MST3K. gutsy low budget flicks that have loads of talent or are just too weird to pass up. I HATE Star Wars as a whole, the fandom, how stupid the whole thing really is. But I do like Ewoks & Wookies & Han Solo ain't terrible. I really enjoy making pies. I don't make them enough. any kinda pie. Ginger! I love Ginger Beer, Ginger Candy and crystallized Ginger!

So, there you have it folks...
an awesome interview with an amazing Illustrator!
Please visit and check out all of Andrew's cool art as well as news and even FREE music downloads!

Thanks for talking with us Andrew!


Isaboa said...

Great read!

three nipple huh? crazy

GIMETZCO! said...

yassir joe. i do! crazy indeeeeed!

kapitan ketchup said...

really nice!

*angie cupcake* said...

Awesome! Love his work.