Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a great ART day!

Today we headed down to West Palm Beach for Art Rock.
It was awesome! and SO inspiring!!

So many amazing things...I wanted one (or three) of everything!

All of the cutest sweet things!

Lea had some really great looking paintings!

Calan has AWESOME pieces...I want one of everything!!
Really fun and unique!

The kid bought one of her prints and I absolutely adored her Bunny Mermaids!

I fell in LOVE with all of her pieces!!

Danny was so sweet and his art work is even MORE lovely in person!

Raven girl has some seriously wonderful art pieces and was a really nice gal :)

Leslie was even sweet enough to give us a demo on her mini press machine...that was over 100 years old.
Man do I LOVE letterpress!!

Some of the CUTEST sewn items I have ever seen!

I adore Brandy's artwork!

There were So many more fabulous artists!
Everyone I chatted with was so sweet and you can just tell that
they all were doing what hey loved.
I gave some stickers out and got a few compliments on my threadless shirt...tee hee.
I didn't really get a ton of cards, so I can't remember everyone, but it was the coolest art show!
I really hope there are more in the near future.


GA+E said...

I love ALL these pieces! especially the rabbit-mermaid. looks like it was a really edgy show!! xx GA

*angie cupcake* said...

I love that sprinkles ring!

Heather Taylor said...

Look at all that talent!

the brown bunny said...

love the ring and the rabbit,wowww!!