Friday, March 19, 2010

We FINALLY saw Alice IN Wonderland!

And smitten is what we are.
Dear Tim Burton...I adore the way your mind works!

It was dark and lovely and amazing and action packed!
I loved every single minute of it!

I want one of each of the fabulous dresses Miss Alice wore.
They were all so beautiful!

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The cutain dress was my favorite!!

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and the teeny tiny one made by the Mad Hatter, so pretty!

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But the MOST important person in the movie was, of course, the amazingly gorgeous and oh so talented Johnny Depp . *swoons*

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The entire movie was a feast for my eyeballs!
The costumes, the makeup, the sets, the characters.
I didn't even know Crispin Glover was gonna be in it!! I almost fainted. He's one of my all time favorite creepy guys ever!
Every single character was really really cool!
For some reason I remember being scared of tweedle dee & dum when I was younger, I have no idea why....but I loved them this time!
and best of all Johnny as the Mad Hater. His dual personas were awesome and one of them had a Scottish accent! *dies*
Oh and the queen of hearts was ridiculously awesome.
My least favorite part was the white queen, but she even cracked me up with her ridiculous hand gestures and gagging at all the gross stuff. ha!
We did not see it in 3D...and I'm ok with that.
If you haven't already...GO SEE IT!
I loved them all.
I am so glad we finally made it! Totally worth the wait!


Miss Muggins said...

It was an amazing experience for sure, especially in 3D. As a huge fan of Matt Lucas, just adored the tweedles. My daughter wanted to take them home!

tori said...

I just finally saw that movie today too and I loved it! It was even funny, which I wasn't really expecting!

Sweetly Sweet said...

I saw the movie yesterday... loved it! Now I have even more ideas for my Alice in Wonderland party!

x said...

I just saw it last night! Tim Burton didn't disappoint.

With Tim Burton, you either full-out love him, or you full-out hate him. Or his films, rather. I haven't met people in between. I loved the cinematogrophy most of all, and the music.

I loved Depp's dual personalities! My fiance doesn't laugh at a lot of things in movies that aren't pure comedies, but the Hare throwing stuff at people always got him cackling.

Loved it!!

Heather Taylor said...

Thank you for being smitten with it too! I keep hearing so much backlash against it- why is that?
My favorite character was the White Queen. I loved Anne Hathaway's mannerisms, dress, and the cadence in which she spoke with. Very dreamlike and surreal.

Natasha said...

Can't wait to see it!

*angie cupcake* said...

The Red Queen was my favorite! She made me giggle.