Monday, March 8, 2010

Warm Sun

It was WARM today, for the first time in FOREVER!!
So, why not bring the furniture out in the yard & have some fun.
Even dug out the old bridesmaid dress....hahahaha! Fun!

Pictures like these make me LOL at my own photog skills.
Or should I say the lack there of.
I always know what I want to do but can never get the pics
to come out right.
I need a partner, so they can do the technical stuff and make
my visions come true!!
hee hee


Amanda said...

I LOVE those pictures!! The composition is great and they have perfect lighting and the color is wonderful! You go on with your bad self. :)

*angie cupcake* said...

Love it! You guys are too cute.

{eleise} said... fun! It is warmer here too but not warm enough to go outside in a strapless dress! I'm jealous! We still have snow on the ground =(