Friday, February 12, 2010

Party Idea #1

So...My kid will be 10 years old in less than a month.
That is serious business...double digits!!!
So I want to throw her a beautiful party.
I am going to blog a few different ideas and
I would love to hear some feedback/suggestions from
all of you. She's decided she wants to just have a small
family party this year so it will be fun without
all the crazy hooplah of a large party.
Sweet :)

My first idea is an Alice in Wonderland Bash
I was thinking mad tea hatter hats for everyone.
Tea party decor, but in bright fun colors.
Crazy smiley faces, cupcakes, fancy dresses...
I could go on and on!!!

King of Hearts Garland by handmadebyannepotter on etsy.

party picks by pinkcherrymama on etsy.

hatter's tea party hairclip by savagekitten on etsy.

Alice Necklace with Layered Paper Heart Pendant by TheSpacesInBetween on etsy.

lots o' alice cuppies by the amazingly talented be cheery on flickr!!

These Bread Butterflies by hello naomi on flickr are adorable!!!

Princess, Pea and Tea Hat by Lisa Kettell on flickr. Visit her blog too!

So many awesome ideas for this theme!!
I could do this ALL night!!
If you have any cool ideas and want to share them with
me I would LOVE to hear them!



gorgeous items, I love them all, thanks for showing my hatters tea party hair clip. x

Anne Potter said...

What a fabulous party theme - are you the best mom EVER? Thank you so much for featuring my King of Hearts Garland!

(Happy 10th Birthday!)

Lisa Kettell said...

I'm all about Alice in Wonderland, even more lately, and can't wait to see the new movie.

This is such a great post, so inspirational, makes me want to throw a mad tea party, thank you for featuring my hat in it as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!
P.S. Happy 10th birthday too!

danr0k said...

I was trying to think of some helpful ideas. One being oversized playing cards, you could actually find a deck of cards, scan them and print them on stock paper. Another idea i was thinking was find Xmas Led lights on ebay, they are usually only about 5 dollars and you can find lots of colors to add a bit more whimsical vibe to the entire event.


OhMyAmpersand said...

I love the Alice in Wonderland theme!

The King of Hearts Garland, and Lot's o Alice Cuppies are my favorite! Dan's idea of oversized playing cards is perfect! You could dress up as the queen of hearts! A crazy tea party could be so fun. Do you have a dog? Dress him up as the Cheshire Cat! "Drink Me" tags on drinking glasses.

Found these after doing a quick search:

What FUN!

Unknown said...

alice in wonderland gets my vote!!!

hethr said...

How funny because just today my mom emailed me this recipe:

Anonymous said...

I love this theme too. I can't wait til the movie comes out. It's gonna be awesome! hehe

Sweetly Sweet said...

I am also planning an Alice in Wonderland party for my daughter too! I am looking for inspiration all over the internet, so I will be visiting your blog often! Good luck!

*angie cupcake* said...

Oh my goodness... I'm not even a huge Alice fan and I LOVE all the stuff you found! Especially the Hatter hair clip! I can't wait to see pics of the party all put together!

Cake Decorating said...

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