Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Day Fun

It was chilly on new Years Day, so we all decided to go ice skating.
Putting an ice skating attraction in Florida lends itself to MANY humorous moments!!
None of us really knew what we were doing....but we were not alone :P

We were SO ready to rock that ice!

It was Skye's VERY first time ever...she was pretty scared!

But got up close & personal with the ice pretty dang fast :P

Skye and the ice were like BFF's...

But she stuck with it and eventually got the hang of it (for the most part)

She got some love from Miss Victoria after falling <3

and then a pep talk to get back out there!!

It was a lot of fun, we all had a great time :)

Immediately after this photo was taken we heard a very large "thud" and a very tiny groan...

Skye even made an Ice Buddy :)

Mike & Heather were TOTAL Pros!!

Hee hee...Ice Skating FTW!!

***Special Thanks To Cliffy for taking all these amazing action shots!! xoxoxox

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