Monday, June 1, 2009

This weekend was a whirlwind of amazingness!

Skye graduated from 2nd grade on Friday! 3rd we come!!


Mrs. Church was an awesome teacher!!


I am so proud of her!!


After that Skye & I headed up to Orlando for a visit with Heather & Luke. They took great care of us, however...I have no pictures of them...I failed at my photography this weekend!!
Sorry guys, you know we love you!
Everyone came over for a barbecue on was great!

On Sunday, before heading back home Cliff took Skye & I to see 3D!



and to play Putt was fun!


Once we were home we met up with the family to celebrate Dad's 58th birthday! Wow!!


Dad's B-day

2 stooges

It was a fabulous weekend and an awesome way to start off our summer!

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